MET is a community
theater in the truest
sense:  multicultural,
multi-ethnic, gender
MET combines artistic
excellence and  high
level showmanship with  
sincere and caring social
responsibility and
community service.
MET's color creative
approach to casting
offers  new (and even
off-beat) acting and  
audience experiences
MET is a project of Theater Residencies, Incorporated (TRI ), a California non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
August Wilson wanted African Americans to be aware of their history. With his ten-play cycle he presents
each decade of 20th century black American experience. Respect for ancestral stories promotes respect
for ourselves and our future.
The Piano Lesson deals directly with this theme.  The Piano itself, with its
ancestral carvings, becomes an actual character from the past.
August in August
MET's 8th play by August Wilson
and all TRI projects.
Sutter has died and Boy Willie is determined to make the land his.
Berniece, Boy Willie's sister, is against selling the piano because it is
a valuable family heirloom. The play becomes a ghost story when the
ghost of Sutter appears to Berniece, calling Boy Willie's name.
Half price previews are Wednesday and Thursday, August 5th and 6th.
Additional performances are at 8pm Wed/Thu/Fri/Saturday and 2pm Sundays.
Seating is limited so reserve tickets early.  For Discount Tickets CLICK HERE.
On a bare stage for about 70 minutes without intermission, the same diverse ensemble
(at least five ethnicities) presents three short American plays.  Modest scene and costume
changes are part of the performance and visible to the audience.

        COMMON CLAY  by George M. Cohan  – 10 minutes
        From the 1916
Cohan Review, this comic vaudeville courtroom drama is spoken in rhythm
from beginning to end.  Could George M. Cohan actually be the Father of Rap?

        TO BOBOLINK, FOR HER SPIRIT  by William Inge – 30 minutes
        A group of autograph seekers gather outside the 21 Club in New York City wait for celebrities.

        THE HAPPY JOURNEY  by Thornton Wilder  – 30 minutes
        A family of four drives from Newark to Camden New Jersey to visit a married daughter.  Ma is
        the somewhat autocratic leader and the purveyor of family standards, not exactly appreciated by
        daughter and son but still appreciated by her loving husband.  In the end we discover how
        important a mentor Ma is.  In the spirit of MET’s
color creative casting, each of the five family
        members is portrayed by a different ethnicity.  Families are more than just biology.

At  the Phoenix Theater -- 414 Mason Street | San Francisco   
20th Century U.S.A.
May 14 - 24  at the Weinstein Gallery
444 Clementina Street in San Francisco

8 performances -- May 14 - 24
additional touring performances  to be announced

(more to be announced)
In May
Later This Year